Viatech Global Presents:

"CLEAR HORIZONS: New Platform for Training: Certified Professional Behavior (DISC) Practitioner" online webinar for Human Resource Specialists, Coaches and Consultants.

February 19th 7:00am Pacific Standard Time

8am MST; 9am CST; 10am EST

This webinar will assist you in learning about the new platform, how you can access it and make it available to teams you work with. Existing DISC instructors and facilitators may also audit the training up to their existing level, and (if needed) may purchase the next level to continue to excel to higher levels of achievement! The audit will bring you up to date on all changes in the newest versions of the DISCcompass Reports available!

Presented by Viatech Global's CEO

Michael Bouton

Michael has over 20 years in business consulting for selection, training, development and retainment. Certified in DISC Styles Analysis, Values (Motivations) Analysis, and Value Science (Hartman Value Profile), Michael brings together the most powerful toolbox for understanding and maximizing the inner strengths of individuals and teams.

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